NSU Rated Among the 250 Best Universities in the World

The QS World University Rankings has released QS – 2022, their authoritative ranking of universities. For the fifth year in a row, NSU is ranked in the top 250 best universities in the world. This year it is rated 246th, third among Russian universities. NSU improved its position by 68 places in relation to the “share of foreign students” indicator and improved the scientific productivity indicator.

NSU Rector Mikhail Fedoruk responded to the news,

Last year demonstrated that foreign students want to study at NSU and the pandemic did not prevent this. We continue to work to attract the best applicants interested in science and science-intensive technologies. In addition to the international aspect, the current NSU development program promotes an increase in domestic projects with high-tech companies and regional governments. Of course, the University’s closest interactions are with our home region of Novosibirsk. The fields of most interest to partners are new materials, artificial intelligence, and promising mining methods.

This year QS experts included 48 ​​Russian institutions in their ranking of the 1300 best universities in the world. QS Rankings are based on six indicators: academic reputation (the primary criteria), reputation of graduates among employers, citations per faculty, faculty/student ratio, and international student and faculty ratio.