NSU Professor Publishes Book on Nanomaterials

In 2016 Elsevier, one of the largest publishers of scientific papers in the world, asked Valentin Parmon, Academician RAS and Chairman SB RAS, to create a collective monograph on nanomaterials. Parmon turned to Vladislav Sadykov, Doctor of Chemical Sciences, and Professor at the NSU Department of Physical Chemistry, who accepted and prepared the monograph. The job involved contacting potential authors from around the world, identifying the focus of their work, discussing, correcting and then organizing their submissions. The result was a broad overview of the most pressing problems related to the use of nanomaterials in various fields of science and technology. Sadykov also co-authored one of the chapters of the book.

Sadykov talked about the monograph,

This book is devoted to the use of nanomaterials in catalysis and energy. It describes the methods for preparing nanomaterials, their characteristics and functional properties as catalysts for a number of reactions, as well as solid electrolytes and materials with mixed electron-ion conductivity for the design of solid oxide fuel cells.

The book was published in English and designed to be of interest to a wide range of specialists, from the younger generation to more experienced scientists, in these fields of science.

Sadykov added,

We are continuously reading different types of literature because today the amount of information is gigantic. It is important for us to know the points of view of specialists who work in these areas, especially those working in the most popular and promising fields.