NSU Professor Elected to European Academy

Elena Boldyreva, Doctor of Chemistry, leading research scientist at the G.K. Boreskova Institute of Catalysis SB RAS, and Head of the Department of Solid State Chemistry at NSU’s Natural Sciences Department was elected a member of the European Academy. Her membership was promoted based on international recognition of her scientific achievements, the originality and significance of her research in the field of solid-state chemistry, involvement in international scientific projects, and her contribution to the development of science in Europe.

Elena Boldyreva is the third chemist from Novosibirsk to be elected to the European Academy. Dmitry Knorre and Valentin Parmon were previously chosen for membership. In addition to these chemists, Novosibirsk scientists Igor Zhimulev and Sergey Bagaev, who work in the fields of biology and physics, also became members of the Academy.

The European Academy (Academia Europea) includes scientists from all over the world. Nobel laureates and recipients of other prestigious scientific awards are among the Academy members.