NSU Observatory Employee Included in Global List of Amateur Astronomers

Mikhail Maslov, Head Engineer at the NSU Observatory was included in Stefan Beck's international list of comet observers, the CometChaser project.


German astronomer Stefan Beck developed the CometChaser Project to monitor comets. The Project’s creator invited amateur astronomers fr om around the world to post pictures of comets on the site. The Project brought together hundreds of amateur astronomers whose collected results have established a serious foundation for capturing comets that have been observed around the world.

Stefan Beck forms a list of the most active amateur astronomers by monitoring the contributions from observers. It currently consists of 300 people from different countries from Greenland to Australia. Russia is represented by eight astronomers. Seven Russians live in the European part of the country. Maslov is the only Siberian.

«Being included on the international list of astronomers does not have any privileges, but it was a pleasant gift for the New Year», according to Maslov.

He has been monitoring celestial bodies for more than 10 years. Now he maintains his own website, wh ere he posts information about astronomical phenomena that are visible at Novosibirsk’s latitude and the results of his own observations. In September 2017, during powerful sun flashes, Maslov and NSU colleague Roman Belousov photographed the northern lights from the Novosibirsk latitude. The astronomers video of the event on You Tube has received more than 50 thousand views.