NSU Named Key Partners NTI Venture Fund

NTI is an interdepartmental, public-private partnership program to promote the development of promising new markets for high-tech solutions that will promote development in the world and the Russian economy over the next 15-20 years. A "road map" has been established for the implementation of NTI projects.

The NTI Venture Fund was created in Russia in response to the current development climate: increased activity in the real economy, public policy priorities, and market maturity. The projected capital for the Fund is 6 billion rubles with 1.5 billion rubles coming from the Russian Venture Company. The Novosibirsk Region is expected to attract about 450 million rubles of private investment. Kama Flow, the private investment company that won the Russian Venture Company (RVC) tender, will manage NTI Venture Fund investments.

The Fund's target focus is on NTI priorities that take into account the competitive advantage for Russian development. The priority areas of the Foundation include Data Science, New Materials, Microelectronics and Instrumentation, and Breakthrough Infrastructure. A synergistic effect is expected from the consolidation of the scientific and industrial potential in Novosibirsk and Tomsk.

Levon Tatunashvili, Advisor on Commercialization and Technology Transfer for NSU’s Rector described the process that led to the partnership,

Kama Flow and I started working on establishing a university venture fund in 2016, when we signed a protocol of intent to establish a university venture fund. After signing the protocol, we worked on the project details so when the Russian Venture Company announced a tender for a management company to oversee the NTI Venture Fund, the Kama Flow bid based on our preliminary project won. The two pilot regions, Tomsk and Novosibirsk, were chosen because of their status in the Russian Strategy for Scientific and Technical Development. Novosibirsk State University is one of the key partners along with Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology and the National Research University (ITMO) in St. Petersburg.

Tatunashvili, has many years of experience in commercialization of innovations and interaction with venture investors. He will serve as the leading Venture Fund expert and conduct expert evaluation of projects, as well as interact with the Fund's scientific consultants. Participation in the work of the NTI Venture Fund will allow NSU to help finance promising projects initiated by students, alumni, and University staff.