NSU Launches Russian Version of Johns Hopkins University Coursera COVID-19 Contact Tracing Course

Johns Hopkins University, one of the leading universities in the world and home to a major coronavirus research center, developed a COVID-19 Contact Tracing online course. The Course provides an understanding of how to stop the spread of coronavirus. The English-language version is very popular on Coursera with over a million participants in just a few months. In response to the high demand, the University looked for partners in different countries to translate the Course and adapt it to reflect local conditions. Novosibirsk State University was chosen to be the Russian partner.

Johns Hopkins University (JHU) is one of the leading universities in the world (25th in the QS ranking). JHU offers 20 online specializations and dozens of courses on the Coursera platform. Many of these courses are in the natural and life sciences.
Olga Echevskaya, NSU Coursera for Campus Program Curator, talked about the project,

Partnership with Johns Hopkins University in adapting their popular English-language course for a Russian audience is a very important step for Novosibirsk State University. First, it is a way to be involved in not only the global research agenda, but in the educational space in partnership with one of the world's leading universities. This experience was enjoyable and brought us advantages in a competitive arena. Secondly, it is important to promote our own research in the life sciences in general and virus research in particular. This is a key area of expertise at NSU and by launching this Course, we are inviting experts from all over the world to the discussion.

The online course “COVID-19. Contact Tracing” will be useful to medical personnel, students at specialized universities, as well as anyone who wants to know more about COVID-19. Emily Gurley, MPH and PHD Epidemiologist at the Johns Hopkins School of Public Health prepared the lectures. Participants will learn about the tracing professionals, people who trace contacts during a pandemic to prevent the spread of infection.

Lilia Styazhkina, Head of the NSU Video Production Department, described the Course,

This Course is important for everyone because nonprofessionals can learn more about the SARS-CoV-2 virus, how the COVID-19 disease develops, its signs and symptoms. It also provides information on how to protect yourself and others and how long you need to quarantine or self-isolate if you or a loved one is sick. The Course provides medical professionals practical skills. These include how to trace contact persons and how to develop effective communication with patients. They will also get answers to ethical and legal questions that relate to patient privacy and confidential information.

Course materials are available free to all registered Coursera users. Course completion certificates are also free to anyone who completes the Course and all graded assignments. The Coursera platform also offers the online course"Fundamentals of Virology" with Sergei Netesov, Corresponding Member RAS, Doctor of Biological Sciences, Professor, and Head of the NSU Department of Natural Sciences Bionanotechnology, Microbiology, and Virology Laboratory. You can sign up for these courses right now by registering on the Coursera platform.

Coursera is the world's largest online learning platform. More than 70 million students from all over the world are registered on the Platform, more than three million of them speak Russian. Coursera offers courses from 225 of the world's leading universities and companies. Novosibirsk State University announced its first Coursera courses in the natural and life sciences in 2015. Currently NSU has 26 courses posted on Coursera that have attracted over 200,000 participants