NSU is recognized as one of the best in the subject ratings for scientific productivity at Russian universities

The analytical center "Expert" published its second Russian university subject ratings for scientific productivity.  Novosibirsk State University was one of six Russian universities that was rated for all  subject areas.

The "Expert" rating selected the leaders for research work fr om 88 Russian universities based on 2016 results. This year the rating organizers expanded the number of subject areas from 10 to 13. Novosibirsk State University became one of six universities in Russia that was included in all subject areas. NSU was rated in the top 10 for all subject areas except for economics.

The universities were evaluated according to three indicators: the quality of the university's growth, demand for the scientific work and the scale and sustainability of scientific activity.

For the second year in a row Novosibirsk State University produced good results in all disciplines.  In the natural sciences it is among the top three-five, in physics and astronomy NSU is in second place and in Chemistry third place. In the field of energy, Novosibirsk State University divided  first and second places with Moscow State University. Novosibirsk is also rated second after MSU in "chemical technology."

In materials science, NSU took third-fifth places on a par with SPbSU and MIPT. Novosibirsk State University also placed in the top five for Mathematics, Life Sciences and Earth Sciences.

This year NSU showed growth in the subject areas of Life Science, moving from sixth to fourth, and in the Social Sciences wh ere it rose from eighth place to sixth.