NSU Hosts Bilateral Meeting with Italian Education Attaché

Giuseppe Lo Porto, Head of the Consulate General of Italy’s Department of Education in Moscow, came to NSU for an official visit. Issues related to a project to expand the study of the Italian language in Russia were discussed at the meeting.

During his visit to the University, Lo Porto visited the NSU Italian Center and had an official meeting with Andrei Zuev, Director of the Humanities Institute, Yevgeny Sagaidak, Head of the International Relations Department, and Olga Kuznetsova, Director of the Italian Center.

 NSU representatives and the Attaché discussed cooperation between Russian universities, NSU in particular and Italian organizations as part of the P.R.I.A. program that is dedicated to increasing the knowledge of Italian language in Russia. The conversation touched on methodological support for Italian language teachers, organizing internships for teachers and students from both countries, organizing events and lectures by Italian professors, the participation of the NSU in educational salons and conferences in Moscow, St. Petersburg, and other P.R.I.A partner cities.

Olga Kuznetsova, Director of the NSU Italian Center, talked about the visit and NSU relations with Italy,

Our university has long-standing and strong ties with Italy. We cooperate in both educational and scientific fields. Every year, Italian exchange students come to NSU and Italian teachers give lectures. Mr. Lo Porto oversees education issues. His recent visit was preceded by a visit last year from Aldo Spallone, the science attaché, when joint research projects were discussed. We hope that the support of the Italian Embassy will bring our cooperation with Italian universities to a new level.

Mr. Lo Porto is in charge of the P.R.I.A. program. Since 2005, the program has been strengthening Russian-Italian relations at the educational and cultural levels, helping to organize student exchanges between countries, and organizing competitions and conferences, while also establishing links between consulates in Russia and educational associations in Italy.

Lo Porto stressed he is happy to have NSU as a partner and sees the potential for the implementation of intercultural projects. The University, in turn, is ready to participate in the initiative and supported this meeting launching the beginning of fruitful cooperation. In addition, NSU is ready to host conferences, meetings, lectures and other events as a PR.I.A. partner.