NSU Foreign Students Win “I Speak Russian Contest”

The XVII City “I Speak Russian Competition” for foreigners learning Russian language took place at Novosibirsk State Technical University. This year the program included an excursion around the city and a photo contest on the theme "Journey through Russia".

Students from China, Mongolia, Laos, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Egypt, Lebanon, Cameroon, Nigeria, Congo, Burkina Faso, Swaziland, Angola, Zambia, Italy, Ecuador, the Republic of Korea, and Japan took part in the competition. In total, there were 51 participants from NSU, Novosibirsk State Technical University, Novosibirsk State Medical Institute, Novosibirsk State University of Architecture and Civil Engineering, Siberian Transport University, and Novosibirsk Higher Military Command School.

NSU students from the Sino-Russian Institute took part under the guidance of Olga Aleksandrova, Svetlana Shagayeva, and Daria Barabanova, teachers at the Center for International Studies. They teach Russian as a foreign language to foreign students at NSU, and have been preparing the students for a year to participate in this contest.

Congratulations to the NSU students for their victory and continued success in learning the Russian language!