NSU Conducts Russian-Japanese Seminar “Non-Equilibrium Processing of Materials: Experiments and Modeling”

The main objective of the recent seminar, “Non-Equilibrium Processing of Materials: Experiments and Modeling”, was to strengthen cooperation between NSU, Tohoku University and SB RAS institutes in the field of materials science. Scientists from Japan, Russia, Germany and France took part in the Seminar. The event featured 77 reports, 33 of these were invited plenary presentations. Young scientists at booths presented the rest during an exhibition after providing brief introductions about their reports to the whole group.

The Seminar included discussions on modern methods of synthesis and processing of functional materials, features of the application of analytical methods for materials obtained in non-equilibrium conditions, modeling the processes of structure formation of materials, and promising methods of welding and consolidation of powders.

Dina Dudina, Ph.D., Senior Researcher at the NSU Physics Department’s Laboratory of Physical-Chemical Mechanics of Disperse Systems, and co-chairman of the Seminar’s local organizing committee described the event,

The seminar was truly interdisciplinary with the participation of scientists from several Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences institutes and NSU departments. The turnout was twice as large as we originally planned. During the Seminar, Russian scientists discussed the prospects for cooperation with Tohoku University in the field of coating and the development of porous materials. It is worth noting that the reports by the young scientists were of a high scientific level and they had a chance to practice their English skills when they made brief introductions of their papers.

This Seminar is a continuation of a series of seminars that have been conducted jointly by NSU, Tohoku University and the SB RAS institutes since 2009. This year, scientists from seven SB RAS institutes (six in Novosibirsk and one in Tomsk) participated.

Daniel Maslennikov, Junior Researcher at the NSU Physics Department’s Laboratory of Physical-Chemical Mechanics of Disperse Systems and graduate student at the Institute of Solid State Chemistry and Mechanochemistry SB RAS, talked about what he got out of the Seminar,

It was very useful and interesting for me to listen to lectures by leading experts in the field of materials science from Japan and Akademgorodok institutes and to talk with graduate students from Japan. There was a friendly and creative atmosphere at the Seminar. I really want this seminar tradition to continue in the future.