NSU and Mathematical Center of Akademgorodok Conduct Algebraic Graph Theory Online Workshop

The Mathematical Center in Akademgorodok (MCA) hosted its third workshop on algebraic graph theory and its applications. This was one of the most notable events in their series of activities attracting both eminent and young scientists as participants. The well known scientists making presentations included authors of books on algebraic combinatorics Eiichi Bannai and Tatsuro Ito (Japan) and author of a recent book on graph spectra Willem Haemers (Holland).   Editors of many mathematical journals including Akihiro Munemasa (Japan), Edwin van Dam (Holland), Peter Cameron (Great Britain), and Jack Kulen (China) also attended the workshop. Every day from 50 to 80 participants from 15 countries (Russia, Holland, UK, Japan, China, Belgium, Croatia, Slovakia, Hungary, Slovenia, Israel, USA, Australia, Germany, Iran) took part in the online workshop.

The program included 26 reports, nine of them were by Russian scientists. Most of the presentations were devoted to new results but some speakers were invited to present review reports. Presentations included mathematical results obtained this summer by undergraduate and graduate students who took part in the first MCA workshop and results from Rhys Evans, a talented mathematician from Great Britain who was one of the six winners in the MCA postdocs competition. Participants representing the world scientific community praised the reports by young scientists from Russia, Great Britain, Hungary, Japan, and Croatia.

Elena Konstantinova, Leading Researcher at MCA and workshop organizer, talked about of the event,

Algebraic graph theory and related areas of mathematics are developing rapidly so it is not surprising that MCA supports this area of research. When we created MCA we already had very strong scientific ties with colleagues both in Russia (St. Petersburg, Yekaterinburg, Chelyabinsk) and from other countries. The first event organized by MCA was a youth school-conference "Contemporary Trends in Algebraic Graph Theory". This took place in early November 2019. Before the quarantine started in March 2020, we were able to conduct another live event. Now, adhering to the Venetians advice, "to turn disadvantages into advantages", we moved the workshop online and invited the entire world elite of algebraic graph theory and algebraic combinatorics to take part. The success of this workshop makes it possible for us to say without exaggeration that modern research in the field of algebraic graph theory and algebraic combinatorics in Akademgorodok is at the highest international level.