NSU and Akadempark Open a Regional ASI "Boiling Point" for the Novosibirsk Region

September 14-15 the Agency for Strategic Initiatives co-working center, «Boiling Point», opened in Akademgorodok’s Technopark. The opening program included a business forum, a strategic session on the development of a future science model, the selection of projects for the corporate accelerator Generation S, a scientific and technology lecture hall 4x25, discussion platforms and public lectures by ASI and representatives of NTI.

"Boiling Point" is a joint project of Akadempark and NSU, that is being implemented within the framework of the National Technology Initiative (NTI) with support fr om the Agency for Strategic Initiatives. It will strengthen long term cooperation between innovative business and university science. The expected results from the creation of «Boiling point» are new projects, products, businesses, communities, educational programs, and identifying promising areas for the development of Novosibirsk region.

The National Technology Initiative is a program to generate the creation of fundamentally new markets and conditions for Russia's global technology leadership by 2035. In a message to the Federal Assembly in December 2014, Russian President Vladimir Putin called this a state policy priority.

Akadempark was not chosen by chance as the location for a new co-working center. The «Boiling Point» is a continuation of the many discussion platforms that have been conducted in Akademgorodok starting from the very beginning of its founding and strengthened by the appearance of Akadempark. The priority topics for exploration at Boiling Point include the development of education, high-tech business, and regional strategic initiatives that improve the quality of life. There will always be interesting topics discussed here thanks to the unique environment wh ere high-tech businesses grow in the fertile soil of Akademgorodok.

Heads of the Agency for Strategic Initiatives, the Presidential Representative for the Siberian Federal District, representatives from the Government of the Novosibirsk Region and the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences took part in the business forum. In addition, public lectures by ASI and NTI representatives were given, leading high-tech companies in the Novosibirsk region told their success stories. expert discussions about the key NTI markets were held and participants in the discussions were able to correlate their projects with the goals of NTI and adapt them to a new model for the development of science.

The landmark event at the forum was the strategic session, «The Future of Market-Oriented Science 2035». Participants in the strategic session, that included scientists, engineers, entrepreneurs, government officials, students, and teachers, focused on the breakthrough "end-to-end" NTI technologies that radically change conditions in existing markets and encourage the creation of new markets. Proposals for the organization of market-oriented research projects that were formulated during the session, will be used to formulate Agency for Strategic Initiatives program documents.

Novosibirsk State University is actively involved in the development of projects for NTI markets. It is a coordination center and is conducting some of the work in the network project «Teranostika», the only project in the Novosibirsk region that has passed the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Education evaluations. In addition to the NeuruNet market, NSU is preparing innovative projects in the field of aerotomography (AeroNet), the development of a quantum computer and ultra-precise atomic clocks (SafeNet), innovative methods for treating cancer (HealthNet), and research to find methods to assess the effectiveness of promising technologies to increase Russia's export potential on the food market (FoodNet). All the projects are being conducted in a network partnership with Siberian Branch academic institutes.