Masters Students in the IT Department have Developed an Application for Programming on Tablets and Smartphones

1st year students in NSU’s IT Master’s Program, Ilya Koryakin and Roman Lebedev, developed a Pydroid mobile application for programmers. This August the student project won at Academpark’s fifteenth business accelerator, A: Start.

Pydroid is a development environment for Android smartphones and tablets that will allow you to train, develop and run programs without using desktop computers. Startup Head Ilya Koryakin taled about the app, “The application is useful for programmers who want to write programs without being tied to the workplace, as well as for those who use the programming language for calculations (for example, financial calculations, calculations in institutions, charting and diagramming).

In addition to programmers and scientists, the new application can be used by educational institutions where computer classes are equipped with tablets. To date, the program developed by the students has already been sold to one of the largest universities in Asia - B.V.B. College of Engineering and Technology (Karnataka, India).

According to Ilya Koryakin, he came up with the the idea to develop a mobile application for programmers when he was studying at the NSU Physics Department. “I needed this kind of applications for my own studies. After studying the analogues with Roman Lebedev, we understood that existing solutions do not have the necessary functionality" Koryakin explained.

In late August, the student’ application was among the winners in the "Information Technology" section at the fifteenth business accelerator A: Start. Developers have access to the Academpark resources that includes the support of specialists.

These new residents of Academpark are currently developing programming environments for different languages, and are actively studying sales channels for the application to users abroad.

Koryakin is convinced there is a big future for his product, “Our application has a serious future. Programming on the smartphone will replace the desktop computer as a more compact workplace. This, in turn will make work and study more mobile and convenient.”