G2R2-2018: NSU Hosts Summer School and International Conference on Graphs and Groups

August 1-23, "GRAPHS AND GROUPS, REPRESENTATIONS AND RELATIONS" (G2R2-2018) was conducted by the Novosibirsk State University Department of Mathematics and Mechanics. This event combined their Summer School with an International Conference for young specialists interested in the theory of graphs and groups with applications in other fields of science.

The forty participants in the G2R2-2018 Summer School came from 12 countries: Russia, Spain, Belgium, Korea, Japan, America, China, Myanmar and others. Seventeen of the participants are already researchers and presented reports at the conference. The following world-famous mathematicians gave lectures: Gareth Jones, Professor, Southampton University, Great Britain, Roman Nedela, Professor, University of West Bohemia, Czech Republic, Akihiro Munemasa, Professor, Tohoku University, Japan, and Mikhail Muzychuk, Professor, David Ben-Gurion University, Israel.

G2R2 was designed for young people interested in the theory of graphs and groups with applications in other fields of science, especially those fields associated with group actions on combinatorial objects. The students received basic knowledge on the topic and research on modern trends in graph theory, algebraic graph theory, algebraic combinatorics, group theory, representation of finite groups, and association schemes. Summer School teachers demonstrated the universal ties between geometry and topology problems and informatics, chemistry and biology.

Elena Konstantinova, Head of the Summer School and co-chairman of the Conference program committee, described the event,

The Summer School and Conference participants were very talented. They had to apply, so we knew that the level was very high. For example, one participant has many gold medals from international mathematics Olympiads. The students attend not only because they have an opportunity to listen to lectures, but also the chance to speak. Many of them are already doing research and had scientific work they wanted to present.

The G2R2-2018 program was very intense. University guests not only took part in scientific and educational events, but also had a chance to get to know the City. Participants had excursions to SB RAS institutes, museums and other interesting places. In addition, they took part in organized sports activities.

At the end of the course, all students either took a written exam, or gave an oral presentation and were awarded certificates for passing the G2R2-2018 Summer School.