Foreign Professors Conduct Lectures for NSU Students

From May 3-7, the Novosibirsk State University Economics Department hosted Dr. Werner Brinker, Professor at the Institute for Economic Education Oldenburg (Germany). Professor Brinker conducted his course, “History, Current Situation and Future Development of German Oil, Gas and Electric Power Markets", for students. Students in the English language Economics Master's program immersed themselves for 4 days in the topic of energy from an expert who is not only an academic professor, but one of the top managers in the German energy sector. "I am very grateful to Professor Werner Brinker for the training and most current information about upcoming energy technologies and global warming issues. He enriched our knowledge by sharing his experience”, said Umesh Bhat, MA student in the Economics Department “Oil and Gas Management" Program. 

From May 7 - 8 Professor Nesim Fintz, Director of the Engineering School of Computer Science and Applied Mathematics at EISTI - École d'Ingénieurs Maths / Informatique (France), visited Novosibirsk State University. Professor Fintz gave a short course on finance, "Mono Period and Discrete Time Markets". Yulia Belousova, a 3rd year Economics Department student talked about the course, “I really liked the lectures. At NSU, undergraduate courses in Finance are taught differently. So, it was interesting to learn about quantitative methods for valuing assets that we do not study and to refresh our fundamental knowledge of assessments.”

EISTI and NSU have a partnership that includes a Master's program with a double diploma from the NSU Economics Department in Financial Management and in "Quantitative Finance" from EISTI. “I enjoyed Professor Fintz’s lectures because the format was lively and interactive”, said Angelica Abdrazakova, a 1st year MA student.

Elena Limanova, Deputy Dean of the NSU Economics Department, summed up the international lecture program,

Thanks to the Erasmus + program, we have an opportunity to support the exchange of students and teachers in this joint Master’s program. This, of course, enriches our programs and further develops the partnership. We get to know each other better and establish contacts based on research interests. During the eight hours spent with our students, Professor Fintz masterfully demonstrated the evolution of the subject from simple questions in the field of finance to advanced tools using game theory. I am sure the students who attended the course will agree, a Professor Fintz lecture is a celebration, this is a professor who gives a real performance.

All students who attended the lectures received certificates of participation.