Article by Novosibirsk State University Scientists and Institute of Laser Physics SB RAS was Article of the Week in Laser Physics Letters Journal

An article about new topologies of ultrashort pulse fiber laser resonators by Novosibirsk State University scientists and Institute of Laser Physics SB RAS received great interest when it appeared in an authoritative international laser journal last week.

«An Adjustable Drop-Shaped Cavity» by B.N. Nyushkov, S.M. Kobtsev, N.A. Koliada, A.A. Antropov, V.S. Pivtsov, and A.V. Yakovlev, was published in the latest issue of the Laser Physics Letters Journal (Impact Factor 2.5) and was recognized as the Journal article of the week. The Journal is published by IOP Publishing in England.

Boris Nyushkov, PhD, Associate Professor and Leading Engineer at the Novosibirsk State University Department of Laser Physics and Innovative Technologies and Senior.

Researcher at the Institute of Laser Physics SB RAS talked about the methodology for recognizing their work:

– In recent years, the technology for rapid assessment of research results is actively developing, representing alternative new methods of science metrics or what is now called altmetrics, that assess the results of research activities not on the basis of the number of citations in scientific journals (academic weight, scholarly impact), but by their presence, mention and use on the Internet and traditional media (the number of article downloads, the number of views, the number of comments in professional and social networks etc.). IOPscience division of IOP Publishing, in cooperation with Altmetric, the leader in the field of alternative metrics, can assess the relevance of articles in just a few days or weeks after publication with the help of these new technologies.

In this case, a week before the release date (October 30, 2017) of the latest issue of Laser Physics Letters, the IOPscience division of IOP Publishing used altmetrics to identify the Journal’s article of the week based on what interested readers the most. That turned out to be the joint article of scientists from Novosibirsk State University and the Institute of Laser Physics.

Dr. Sergey Kobtsev, Head of the NSU Department of Laser Physics and Innovative Technologies discussed the changes in scientific article ratings:

– It is very interesting to follow the development of alternative science metrics. The traditional citation index for an article accumulates over years and the use of this parameter to assess the relevance of the article requires years or even decades. Altmetrica tries to determine the relevance of scientific research results almost immediately after their publication. Of course, this method is not without shortcomings but, in my opinion, the development of these methods is useful as an addition to the traditional science metric methods.

NSU and Institute of Laser Physics scientists successfully cooperate with their research in the field of new fiber lasers. They have published more than 10 articles in high-ranking journals, presented several reports at the largest international photonics conferences, and conducted joint projects with grants from the Russian Science Foundation, the Russian Foundation for Basic Research, and the Ministry of Education and Science.

Kobtsev talked about the value and interest in their research:

– Fiber technologies provide ample opportunities for configuring laser cavity circuits in which a variety of generation conditions are created. These are determined by the unique combination of dispersion, nonlinear, polarization, spectral and other properties of the laser resonator. The new topologies of fiber laser resonators that create new generation properties and / or new laser functions, are a promising subject for research. Judging by the alternative metrics, this topic is of interest to many researchers in the world today.