Stage One of NSU’s World-class Campus 70% Completed

The construction of the first-stage world-class campus facilities, which includes an academic building, leisure center at the NSU Scientific Research Center, and two dormitories with 690 beds, is now 70% completed. Interior finishing work, installation of internal engineering systems, and installation of metal structures and facades are currently underway. Supply and installation of furniture has already begun in one of the dormitories.

In addition, all work laying storm drains along Pirogov Street has been completed and traffic is completely restored. The storm sewer will receive surface water runoff from all NSU campus facilities under construction.

Despite the abnormally cold weather in the Novosibirsk Region, the construction of the campus is on schedule and construction of the second stage facilities is proceeding a little ahead of schedule. That means the classroom building with a student project center and scientific library is more than 25% completed. Work continues installing an external heat supply network, communications, water supply, internal engineering networks, and finishing work for the underground floor. Roofing is 70% complete.

As for the Institute of Medicine and Psychology Educational and Scientific Center, the construction team is installing vertical structures and floor slabs on the 2nd floor and vertical structures on the 3rd. In the research center building, 70% of the work on the installation of vertical structures and floor slabs for the underground floor have been completed and 30% of the work on the installation of vertical structures on the 1st floor has been completed.

Vice Governor Irina Manuilova noted,

The role of universities in the socio-economic development of the regions today has increased significantly. The new formats proposed by the Ministry of Education and Science, the Priority 2030 strategic academic leadership program and the campus creation project, significantly accelerate the process of integrating universities into the territorial economies. Novosibirsk, as a leading region in the scientific and technological Russian rankings, hosts the international forum “Technoprom” and is constructing a “megascience” class installation, the Siberian Ring Photon Source. The construction of a world-class campus at Novosibirsk State University can also be classified as a megaproject both in scope and in the amount of funds raised. For the Region, this provides a new level of education and a new level of research infrastructure.

NSU Rector and Academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences Mikhail Fedoruk commented,

 The new campus is an important component of the implementation of the University’s long-term development strategy, which involves the University’s active participation in solving the problems related to ensuring the country’s technological sovereignty. The University will pay attention to advanced scientific research, both fundamental and applied, and develop new formats for partnership with companies in the real sector. It is planned that the income generated by projects with industry will increase 5 times from 600 million by the end of 2023 to 3 billion in 2030. The University’s capabilities will expand to develop network programs with other Russian universities and additional education programs. The number of University students will increase to 12,000, including 3,000 foreign students.

The implementation of the campus project is divided into several stages. The construction of the first stage is supported by a donor while stage two is financed within the framework of the National Project “Science and Universities”. The total area of the facilities being created is almost 80 thousand sq.m. The first stage of construction will be completed in the first half of 2024, the second stage will be done in the third quarter of 2025.