SESC NSU Participates in International Mathematical Modeling Competition

An SESC team participated in the international stage of the International Mathematical Modeling Challenge (IMMC) for high school children. Two teams from Russia were among the 53 teams with representatives from 30 countries taking part in the traditionally remote competition. 

The Sixth IMMC had several stages. The first stage involved selecting the best teams on a national level. The winners had to translate their work into English and submit it to an international jury for the second stage. In addition to the SESC NSU team, the Russian jury selected a team from the 179th school in Moscow.

All participants were given the same mathematical modeling problem, to optimally place goods in a home appliance store to minimize damage during a sales crush. They were provided with a store plan and a list of goods worth $900,000.

In the final results, both Russian teams were awarded Honorable Mentions and received certificates of honor. Teams from Singapore and Great Britain won the competition. Maxim Nikolaevich Davydov, head of the Novosibirsk team and Senior Lecturer at the NSU Mechanics and Mathematical Department and SESC, was pleased with the results, “I think we did a great job. I reviewed almost all the work that was highly rated and saw that our teams’ work was very strong. According to the model itself and the results, they are in the top third of the participants”.

Ravil Bildanov, Timur Sarzhanov, Lev Kurashchenko, and Ilya Ovsyanikov were on the SESC NSU team.