NSU Students Develop Application for Registering Classroom Attendance

NSU Mechanics and Mathematics Department Freshmen, Mikhail Tyutulnikov and Konstantin Nosorev, have developed an application that will automate the registration of student classroom attendance. Using a mobile device with an NFC module, the application is connected to student ID cards. The teacher installs the application that will respond to the touch of the student ID and send a list of those present to the teacher’s personal account on a website.

Tyutyulnikov described the application,

My friend and I became interested in this idea that came from the NSU IT Department. We learned details about the project during a Zoom conference and started working on it after the summer. Prior to the development of our application, the project was already partially implemented using special readers connected to computers in a number of classrooms. Our application will be a convenient alternative and reduce University costs.

The application was written in react native so it works on all popular operating systems such as Android and IOS. Currently, the application is ready for Android smartphones (version 4.1 or higher) requiring the use of the NFC module. The IOS version will be ready by the beginning of October. It was tested on several devices during its development, but it has not been tested yet at classroom lectures.

Tyutyulnikov continued,

In the future, the application will be able to work on phones without an NFC module. To do this, it will be necessary to change the application login system that you will need to scan the teacher's pass.

The new application was created during the course "Project Fundamentals" at the NSU Engineering School. This School is a BA level educational program that was launched last year. An additional entrance competition was conducted for mathematicians. 32 people were selected for the new Artificial Intelligence and Applied Engineering Program. Starting in their first year, students work on projects such as 3D printing, organizing hackathons for schoolchildren, and launching an Instagram channel.

Tyutyulnikov shared his thoughts about the Program,

I am very pleased with the Program because it has a more practical focus. Of course, we study classical mathematical subjects, but at the same time we study programming, 3D modeling, and have some humanities subjects. There are many classes so the Program is challenging, and lots of homework but it is more interesting because you know that what you learn will be useful in the future.