NSU Students and Staff are Heroes in a Film by the European Channel ARTE

The French-German television company ARTE showed the film «The October Revolution Through the Eyes of Doisneau» in honor of the 100th anniversary of the October events. One of the key roles in the film was given to Akademgorodok and Novosibirsk State University. It was here 50 years ago that the famous photographer and documentary film maker Robert Doisneu took pictures that became the calling cards of the USSR in Europe at that time.

Michele Debrenne, Director of the NSU French Center and the coordinator of exchange programs with French universities described the movie:

– The creators of the film found an interesting perspective. They did not just talk about the great socialist revolution, but also showed Russia through the prism of Doisneau’s photos. This should catch the attention of the French. He is a very famous photographer, of course. And the fact that he was sympathetic to communist views may not be known and it is interesting.

A special role in the film is given to NSU. The authors note that Novosibirsk State University has an excellent reputation and, as before, ideal conditions for engaging in science.

The ARTE film crew visited NSU in July this year. Russian students planning to go to France in the double diploma program, French students on NSU summer internship, and applicants just starting the process of connecting their lives to the University were included in the filming. Debrenne also shared the history of Russian-French relations in the field of education with the film producers.

The film «The October Revolution through the Eyes of Doisneau» was aired in late October. It is noteworthy that ARTE broadcasts directly to two countries, France and Germany.

Debrenne described the importance of the film:

– The ARTE channel broadcasts in two languages and always produces very high quality programs. It's nice that the French are so concerned about celebrating the centenary of the revolution. They perfectly understand that this event is of global significance. It was then and will remain, no matter what further historical developments occur.

Robert Doisneau gained worldwide fame as a photographer. His most famous photograph, «The Kiss of Hotel de Ville» (Le Baiser de l'Hôtel de Ville) became one of the most expensive photographs from the 1960s when the agency and photographer sold it for $650,000. In 1967, he shot a film in the USSR about the 50th anniversary of the revolution «The October Revolution through the Eyes of Doisneau» (la Révolution d'octobre vue par Doisneau).