NSU Student Wins “Hot Heart 2019”

28 laureates received their awards from Vladimir Kolokoltsev, RF Minister of Internal Affairs, Olga Vasilyeva, RF Minister of Enlightenment Activities, Vladimir Medinsky, RF Minister of Culture, and other political and cultural figures.

During the ceremony, Minister Vasilyeva awarded the laureates in the category "For Caring About People, Active Citizenship, and the Implementation of Socially Significant Initiatives." She spoke about the winners,

We rewarded those who connected their lives to volunteerism. My heart is filled with pride that these young people exist, surprise that they are committed to conducting these activities, and joy that there are so many young people like this in our country. Their activities insure that we have a great and happy future.

Daria Ivanova, a 4th year student at the NSU Mathematics and Mechanics Department was among the winners in this category. Since 2015 she has been a volunteer assistant to a blind student. She talked about her work volunteering to help Marina,

During the first days of classes, Marina was accompanied by her mother. I realized that she would probably not be able to do this for four years and offered to help. I suggested that, for example, Marina and I could go to classes together. When they announced that Marina needed an assistant, I knew this should be me. I contacted Marina, proposed my candidacy to her, and she agreed. After a while, we became friends. Often strangers are uncomfortable with people with disabilities. They either get scared and pretend not to notice them or demonstrate too much pity towards them. However, there are also people who understand that this is a normal person who can achieve much more than others. Marina has repeatedly said that she is a happy person.

There were 868 submissions to the 2019 competition from 85 Russian regions. One hundred and forty people and five public organizations were chosen to receive the “Hot Heart” badge and the “Hot Heart” symbol. The names of all the winners will be listed in the Hot Heart Honor Book. The Fund for Socio-Cultural Initiatives has conducted the "Hot Heart" initiative since November 2013. The main goal is to recognize children and young people under the age of 23, who have demonstrated they care through their active citizenship and who have unselfishly come to the aid of people or overcome difficult life situations. In the six years of its existence, 835 individuals and public organizations have been awarded prizes.

Ivanova, talked about the day,

My impressions were wonderful! The organizers of the event did a lot of great work because in addition to the ceremony there was a cultural program. Everything was very interesting and we were received with such warmth! The atmosphere of everything that happened is still with me, everything was at the highest level! It was impressive.