NSU SESC Pupils Win Medals in Physics and Mathematics at International Olympiad

The 14th International Zhautykov Olympiad for school children in mathematics, physics and computer science was recently conducted in Almaty Kazakhstan. Students at the NSU Special Educational Scientific Center returned fr om the Olympiad with three medals.


The Olympiad consists of two rounds when students are asked to solve problems in mathematics, computer science and physics. A characteristic of this Olympiad is that teams represent schools and not cities or countries.

This year Schoolchildren from 15 countries participated in the Olympiad. Russia was represented by 13 teams from Moscow, Ekaterinburg, St. Petersburg, Novosibirsk, Kazan, Sergiev Posad, Chelyabinsk, Yakutsk, Saransk and Kaliningrad. The competition rules lim it teams to seven people: three representatives in the mathematics competition and two in the other disciplines.

The NSU SESC team in Kazakhstan consisted of seven members: Olzhas Zhakupov (physics), Nikolai Davydov (physics), Anastasia Dudkovskaya (mathematics), Vladimir Shavelev (mathematics), Maria Khanina (mathematics), and Vladislav Bogdanov and Nikita Okhotnikov (computer science). The team leaders were teachers Maria Yuldasheva (physics) and Andrei Mironov (mathematics).

The final Olympiad results awarded Vladimir Schavelev the gold medal in mathematics and Nikolai Davydov and Olzhas Zhakupov bronze medals in physics.

It was the fifth time the NSU SESC students participated in the Olympiad. They regularly bring awards home from Kazakhstan.