NSU Celebrates Chinese Spring Festival

«The Charming Chinese Language World Tour» is a cultural and sports festival that was held as part of NSU’s Foreign Language Days to deepen knowledge of Chinese culture. It was organized by the NSU Confucius Institute. Teachers at the Center prepared lectures for visitors on the Chinese New Year and Spring Festival traditions, conducted discussion on the Olympics, and presented artistic performances together with the students. There were competitions on Chinese characters where participants tried to solve hieroglyphic puzzles printed on paper lanterns, tossing Chinese shuttlecocks, and rotating a Chinese spinning top. 

Yulia Azarenko, Director of the Confucius Institute talked,

Previously, we held the New Year’s art concert at the House of Culture «Academy» where everyone was invited. Last year, the pandemic broke this tradition. This year we tried to revive it on a more modest scale, but with a new, interactive format. This was possible thanks to the Chinese Co-organizer, the Sichuan Xinhua Publishing Company. They supported a sports event for the Festival. At first, some of the participants were embarrassed but then everyone enthusiastically competed. Our idea was successful!

Bi Xinhui, Associate Professor of Xinjiang University and Project Manager of the Confucius Institute on the Chinese side, noted that relations between China and Russia are constantly developing, ties are becoming closer, and these type of events make an undeniable contribution to deepening mutual understanding between young people in the two countries. This is especially clear from how actively members of the Chinese Center student club «Knowledge» and student volunteers participated in the organization of the holiday. 

A Chinese folk dance was performed in front of a full house of guests by Senior Teacher Nasima Nikolaeva. 

She agrees with this assessment,

It is very important that students have the opportunity to participate in country studies cultural events. Even though they are far from China, they can be acquainted with Chinese culture. This format is much more interesting than lectures or TV programs. If you see, touch, and try to do something yourself, this knowledge or skill is assimilated and becomes a part of you and not some external phenomenon.