NSU Biologists Win at International Biology Universiade

Moscow State University hosted the International Biology Universiade, the largest student Biology competition. The Universiade included both theoretical and practical sections. On the first day of the finals, participants spent several hours individually solving Olympiad problems from different fields of biology. On the second day, teams prepared projects to address pressing problems in modern biology and biotechnology. The jury assessed the scientific value and originality of the proposed ideas, as well as the possibility of applying the solutions in practice.

NSU students won in two categories. Graduate students at the NSU Natural Sciences Department (NSD) Elizaveta Shaburova, Nikita Rifel, Polina Kisaretova, and Elizaveta Zolotenkova won a Third degree diploma in the "Molecular and Cellular Biology, Biochemistry" category. In the "Agricultural and Industrial Biotechnology" category, an undergraduate NSD team with Sergey Sviyazov, Anna Skotnikova, Arseniy Moralev, and Alexandra Sidorenko was awarded a Second degree diploma.

Shaburova described her experience,

We went to the Universiade with almost the same team as last year when we also got a prize. So, all we had to do was refresh our knowledge, remember what we had already achieved, and solve the problems during the qualifying stage. We also prepared for the written and team round together, and solved problems from previous years. Sometimes we reviewed chemistry and molecular biology together while walking to and from the subway. To be honest, every time I participate in the Biology Universiade, I am proud to be a student at NSU’s Natural Science Department. I want to thank all the teachers for preparing their students so well. 

NSU students were also awarded diplomas in the individual championship. The awards went to NSD graduate and undergraduate students Denis Moralev, Alena Taskina, Avel Urin, Nikita Rifel, Anna Skotnikova, and Sergey Sviyazov. Winners and finalists received the right to participate in the International Biology Universiade 2020.