NSU Academic Year Begins With In-Person Classes

Novosibirsk State University’s academic year begins as usual on September 1. Classes will be conducted in person in compliance with all safety rules for preventing the transmission of coronavirus.

During an online meeting with Russian university rectors, Valery Falkov, Russian Federation Minister of Science and Higher Education, announced that it will be mandatory for students and faculty to wear masks. “Wearing masks will be a requirement. This will make it possible to organize the educational process while observing the rules for the prevention of a new coronavirus infection”, said Falkov.

University entrances will have thermometers, hand sanitizers, protective masks, and containers with plastic bags for the centralized disposal of used protective equipment. In addition, classroom buildings will be cleaned regularly with rooms and contact surfaces disinfected.

Some changes will affect the classroom. For example, to minimize contacts, separate classrooms for each study group may be assigned during the day. It is recommended that everyone enter and leave classroom building No. 1 through the entrance block where most of their classes take place. To minimize contact between administrative personnel and students, the entrance to the Rector’s building will be limited to those with a certified reason to be there.

Classes will generally be conducted in the traditional format but teachers in a high risk group will have the option to work through a remote connection with their students. Students is a high risk group can apply for an individual study plan. Foreign students will be quarantined for 14-days upon arrival in dormitories equipped for observation with PCR tests for COVID-19 available in the dorm.

NSU has banned mass events. We remind you that for safety reasons, you should wash your hands regularly with soap or treat them with alcohol-based sanitizer, keep your distance in public places (at least one meter) to minimize the risk of contracting a respiratory infection, if possible, do not touch your eyes, mouth, and nose, and observe cough etiquette. If you have a temperature, cough, or difficulty breathing seek medical help as soon as possible and observe personal protective measures.

The NSU administration asks students and staff to respect the safety measures and follow all recommendations.