Novosibirsk State University Student Wins Gold at Russian Powerlifting Championship

Maria Sukhova, an NSU Economics Department student, won the Russian Powerlifting Championship that was held in Barnaul in late November.

More than 300 participants from different regions in the country took part in the Championship. Representatives from the National Association of Powerlifting evaluated the participant’s performances.

Maria Sukhova talked about the event:

I was invited by my coach to join the Novosibirsk Region national team after the Novosibirsk Cup competition because I had the best result in my weight and age category. The number of competitors remained a mystery until the last minute. As a result, there were not many competitors for the specific category, the combination of age and weight, but it was still necessary to fight for the spot.

Sukhova has been powerlifting since the beginning of this year as part of the «Sector of Power» team. She is currently preparing to participate in the open Asian powerlifting championship, which will be held December 15-17 in Berdsk. This competition will attract athletes from Russia, China, Kazakhstan, Mongolia and other countries.

Sukhova described her sport:

– To all who want to start doing powerlifting, I advise you to find a good coach because it is the coach that influences the athlete's motivation. Beginners should also work very carefully with the weights because there is always the danger of incorrectly calculating your strength and getting injured. If you take this advice into consideration, powerlifting is an almost totally safe sport.