Test your level of Russian with Novosibirsk State University

Novosibirsk State University provides a unique opportunity to foreigners who study the Russian language. The TruD test will be held simultaneously with the Total Dictation ― the annual Russian literacy test organized all around the world.

The first TruD test was held last year and made it possible for everyone who is studying the Russian language but is not ready to write a dictation, to check their language skills and to participate in a worldwide celebration of literacy. In 2016 1,069 people from 54 cities and 26 countries took part. Attendance leaders in Russia were: Vladivostok, Perm, and Chelyabinsk. Abroad ― Tbilisi, Istanbul, and Ankara.

The test is developed from the original text of the «Total Dictation» and consists of six tasks, which are arranged in order of increasing complexity. Anyone, who studies the Russian language can cope with the test partially or completely. The most advanced participants will be able to try their hand at writing a passage from the text of the «Total Dictation». Tatiana Belitsa, a member of the Expert Council of the «Total Dictation» and Deputy Director of the Humanitarian Institute at NSU, supervises the development of this test.

Applications from new cities are still being accepted, but we can already talk about a significant increase in the number of people wishing to write a TruD test. The number of test sites has grown almost one and a half times. At least 80 cities from 34 countries are expected to take part this year. The largest number of sites will be in Germany, Italy, and Finland.

The test will take place simultaneously with the «Total Dictation», and it also can be taken online.