NSU Maintains CWUR-2023 Ranking

The Center for World University Rankings (CWUR) published their Global Ranking of the 2000 Best Universities in the World 2023. 20,531 universities were evaluated and, as in last year's ranking, NSU is in the TOP 2.5% of universities in the world and number 4 in Russia. This year, the University improved its position in the ranking of European universities rising from 200th to 197th. 

To assess the universities, CWUR has seven indicators divided into four groups that are evaluated on the basis of open data: 

  • Education (academic success of graduates; indicator weight is 25%), 
  • Employment (professional success of graduates; indicator weight is 25%), 
  • Professors (number of university professors with the highest academic achievements; indicator weight is 10%), 
  • Research (number of scientific publications in journals with different impact factors and citations; indicator weight is 40%).


The Center for World University Rankings (CWUR) is a leading consulting organization to governments and universities that provides policy advice, strategic insights, and consulting services related to improving educational and research outcomes. CWUR publishes an authoritative global university ranking that is known for its objectivity, transparency, and consistency. It is trusted by students, academics, university administrators, and governments around the world.