NSU Lecturer Gives Course on Social Computing in Paris

Anton Kolonin, Senior Lecturer in the Computing Section at NSU’s Department of Mathematics and Mechanics, taught his course “Applied Aspects of Social Data Processing (Social Computing)” to students at the School of Engineering, Computer Science, and Applied Mathematics at EISTI in Paris. This course provided an introduction to ​​the technology of "social computing", a new field of knowledge at the junction of the computational technologies of machine intelligence, social sciences, and psychology.

Kolonin, also a lecturer at the joint master's program Big Data Analytics and the Erasmus + European Academic Mobility Program, described the importance of social computing,

Social computing is in great demand now because “big data”is related to people, their behavior, and interactions. It is inextricably linked to society so the topic of the course aroused great interest among students.

The Social Computing field not only includes the study and development of computational methods for analyzing the phenomena of social and group psychology, but also the consideration of these phenomena as cybernetic, where society itself acts as a computing system on a global scale. In particular, Kolonin noted, such applied areas as building reputational systems and modeling the consciousness of individual participants in society taking into account the social environment.

NSU and the School of Engineering Computer Science and Applied Mathematics EISTI (Paris) are implementing a joint Master’s program Big Data Analytics with the NSU Department of Mathematics and Mechanics. Thanks to this cooperation, undergraduates have the opportunity to get a double degree in the fields of “Big Data” and “Big Data Analytics”.