NSU Improves Position in RAEX Subject Rankings

The RAEX agency published its third subject rankings of Russian universities. In 2024, the number of subjects assessed increased to 36 and 170 universities in 43 Russian regions were included on the list. NSU was among the winners in 8 subjects. The University was in the Top three in Chemistry and Biology, in the Top five in Physics, and in the Top 10 in Mathematics. In addition, NSU improved its position in Natural Sciences compared to 2023.

Mikhail Fedoruk, NSU Rector and Academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences, commented,

At NSU, the Natural Sciences Department (NSD) was the first created and it traditionally remains one of the best in the country. There is a strong fundamental base here, and the difference between NSD and similar departments at other universities is that it also provides in-depth training in Physics and Mathematics. Therefore, NSD graduates are professionals who understand science, technology, and advanced solutions. They work at the forefront of science in such promising areas as genome editing, genetic safety, biotechnology and bioinformatics, pharmacochemistry, and others.

The RAEX subject rating is based on the “Three University Missions” rating methodology assessing them in relation to science, education, and society. In Natural Sciences, the education share is 40%, scientific is 35%, and society is 25%. Science includes such indicators as the number of publications in WoS, RSCI (over the last three years), citation of publications in RSCI (over the last five years), number of publications cited in RSCI for the reporting year, research income (adjusted for contingencies) , the share of extra-budgetary sources for scientific research, the share of graduate students in the total number of students in this subject area, and the number of candidate dissertation defenses in the subject area in the reporting year.