NSU helps students prepare for the National Technology Initiative (NTI) Olympics

The NSU SAU (strategic academic unit) "Synthetic Biology" became a partner in the GrandHakathon that took place at the Children's Technopark from August 21-23.  100 Novosibirsk school children participated in the event that was held as preparation for the National Technology Initiative Olympics.

The purpose of the All-Russian Olympiad is to identify and develop talented children with engineering potential.

7th-11th grade students from Novosibirsk schools competed in the GrandHakathon. The Hackathon format was a team mini-competition to solve an assigned problem. This involved practical work that yielded a concrete daily result. Teams of three had to solve a problem under the guidance of a moderator.

The young researchers were engaged in wireless communications, unmanned aerial vehicles, intelligent robot technology, and engineering biological systems. The NSU SAU "Synthetic Biology" provided equipment for the "Engineering Biological Systems" section.

"The GrandHakathon engineering program harmoniously complements the issues presented in the field of biotechnology. This subject is also included in the NTI Olympics and is relevant for children," said Maria Galyamova, Director of the Biotechnology and Biomedicine Project at Academpark.

Pavel Okonechnikov, NTI Olympics Novosibirsk Regional representative, explained that the participants who have proven themselves at the GrandHakathon will have a chance to join the regional team and represent the Novosibirsk region this year at the All-Russian Olympics.

GrandHakathon partners include the Novosibirsk Region Ministry of Education, Science and Innovation Policy, the Regional Center for the Development of Creativity in Children and Young People, Academpark, Novosibirsk State University, the “Scientific Instruments and Systems” company, and the Medico-Biological Union group of companies.

NTI is an interdepartmental program in a public-private partnership that is dedicated to developing promising new markets based on high-tech solutions that will impact developments in the world and the Russian economy in 15-20 years. Since 2016, NSU has been preparing high-tech projects in various spheres for the NTI competition.  At that time, Novosibirsk State University was included in the list of “University for NTI” winners.

On August 7, an agreement was signed to create a consortium, "Startup-Biotech", that will develop technology entrepreneurship in the life sciences field.  In the future, a site will be created that will help the development of NSU undergraduate and graduate students. If they successfully defend their diploma projects and there is interest from high-tech business, their work will be promoted for production.