NSU Graduates Speak at Russian-American Association of Scientists

The annual Russian-American Association of Scientists (RASA-USA) conference took place in Chicago. Novosibirsk State University graduates who work abroad presented reports and took part in discussions and meetings.

NGU Chicago_preview (1).jpeg

This year the conference included a session in honor of the 150th anniversary of Vladimir Ipatiev, who is considered one of the founders of petrochemistry in the United States. In addition, for the first time there were sessions dedicated to economics and mathematics that participants described as very successful.

Vladimir Shiltsev, Chairman of the Conference organizing committee, NSU Physics Department graduate, past-President of the NSU Student’s Union, Director of the Fermilab Center for Accelerator Physics talked about the event:

– In addition to the wonderful reports and interesting discussions, there were many meetings, exchanges, and visits to the Enrico Fermi Laboratory. Many NSU graduates took an active part in the RASA conference. There was even a separate meeting in the center of Chicago that was organized by Andrei Rzhetsky, NSU Ambassador in Chicago, graduate of the Natural Sciences Department, and University of Chicago Professor. The meeting was attended by the NSU Ambassador to Almaty, Bakhyt Matkarimov (NSU Physics Department graduate).

A report on the discovery of gravitational waves was made by Professor Sergei Klimenko (NSU Physics Department, University of Florida). The Conference program also included presentation of the RASA-USA 2017 George Gamov Prize. The award was given to Alexander Kabanov, University of North Carolina Professor and Artem Oganov, Professor of the Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology.