Novosibirsk State University Students Win Medals in Largest Olympiad for Professionals in Russia

I Am a Professional» is a large, educational Olympiad with a new format for technology, humanities, and natural-science students. The Olympiad was initiated by the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs and the All-Russian Public Organization «Business Russia». The objective of the competition is to test knowledge related to professional skills, rather than abstract knowledge. The Olympiad started in November 2017 with qualifying rounds in 27 categories. The final round took place in January. Experts from leading Russian universities and the largest companies of the country developed tasks for the participants.

Overall, the Olympiad received 295,000 applications from 828 Russian universities. 4824 people (2950 bachelors and 1874 master's) passed through to the last round.  The final results recognized 2030 students as medal winners (gold, silver and bronze). Six of the medal winners are undergraduate and MA students at NSU.

After the first two rounds Roman Lebedev, a first year MA student at the NSU Information Technologies Department, won the gold medal in the «Information and Cybersecurity» category for MA students. In the same category, among the BA students, the gold medal went to Vladimir Sitnov, a 4th year student in the NSU Physics Department and the silver medal went to Dmitry Lipovy, a 4th year student in the Information Technology Department. 

Roman Lebedev talked about the competition:

The Olympiad was similar to task-based CTF which we have often participated in. In relation to the degree of challenge, in my opinion, the organizers still need to do a lot of work but they have chosen the proper categories to focus on. 

The silver medal in the «Mathematics» category for BA students went to Pavel Tesemnikov, a 4th year student in the Mathematics and Mechanics Department.

Alexander Yevtushenko, a 4th year students in the Journalism Department at the NSU Humanities Institute, was a bronze medal winner in «Journalism» and a prize winner in the «Sociology» category.  

The silver medalist in the «Pedagogical Education» category was Ksenia Manskov, a fourth-year Linguistics student at the Humanities Institute.

Ksenia Manskov shared her impressions:  

I would not say that it was incredibly difficult. But it was interesting because the tasks in my category were not academic, but focused on personal qualities such as the ability to present oneself, and the ability to communicate and understand people. Of course, I had to work hard, but overall I think it was as difficult as it should be to make a competition and interesting.

The award ceremony took place in Moscow as part of the «Russia – a Country of Opportunities» Forum.

Vladimir Sitnov described what he liked about the event:

– For many categories (including information security), this Olympiad was the first large-scale student competition. Also, it gave us a chance to meet and communicate with winners from other categories which was very interesting.

In addition to cups, gold medalists received cash prizes. For the BA level it was 200 thousand rubles (approx. $3,400) and for MA and specialists, 300 thousand rubles (approx. $5,200).  In addition, the organizers promise the gold and silver winners will receive the maximum score for admission to MA and postgraduate programs at the leading Russian universities.  Finally, all gold and silver winners will be included in the exclusive «Young Professionals» national data base. Access to this data base will be provided to recruiters from the largest Russian companies.

NSU students are regular winners of Olympiads of different levels. Recently, NSU students successfully took part in the International Mathematics competition, «The Mirror of the Putnam Olympiad». The Olympiad brought Novosibirsk State University 5 second and 11 third places.