NSU Mechanics and Mathematics Department and EISTI in France Create Joint Master’s Program in Big Data Analytics

NSU and Graduate School In Computer Science And Mathematics Engineering EISTI (Paris) signed an agreement on the joint master program Big Data Analytics with the Faculty of Mechanics and Mathematics. Now the undergraduates will have the opportunity to get a double diploma in "Big Data" and "Big Data Analytics".

Who is the Program for:

Students of "Big Data Analytics" program at Mathematic-Mechanic Department NSU. The selection takes place in the second semester of the first year of the master's program.

Period of study:
5 semesters.
  • 1st term of program at NSU, 1st year of master students
  • 2nd term 1 semester at EISTI
  • 2nd term 2 semester + dissertation defense in English at NSU
 December – handing out diplomas at EISTI.
Language of instruction:


The Commission selects candidates according to their documents and academic performance.
Entrance requirements: knowledge of elements of mathematical logic, discrete mathematics, probability theory and mathematical statistics, linear algebra, programming languages and algorithm theory.
Candidates have to send the following documents: Bachelor's degree or higher, current assessment transcripts, a resume, a motivation letter
Please forward the documents to email: e.pavlovskiy@g.nsu.ru


Studying at EISTI is free, the contract with NSU should be completed if present.


Diploma of NSU after the defense of the master's thesis.
Diploma of EISTI Graduate School In Computer Science And Mathematics Engineering.