NSU hosts lectures by Norwegian scientists

By invitation of Cryptographic Center the leading specialists in cryptography are coming into Novosibirsk fr om Bergen university (Norway). Marco Calderini and Chunlei Li give talks on November 27 and 29.

November 27 ноября, 14:30, room 324 old main building of NSU.
Seminar "Cryptography and cryptanalysis"
M.Calderini "Differential and boomerang uniformity of Boolean functions"

Vectorial Boolean functions play a crucial role in the design of block ciphers. In order to resists to the known attacks, such functions need to satisfy several algebraic properties. Among these, we have a low differential and boomerang uniformity to avoid differential and boomerang attacks. In this talk we will try to give a survey on vectorial Boolean functions with low differential uniformity such as APN and 4-differentially uniform functions and their boomerang uniformity.

November 29 ноября, 14:30, room 324 old main building of NSU.
Seminar "Cryptography and cryptanalysis"
Ch.Li "On Recent Constructions and Decoding of Maximum Rank Metric Codes"

Rank metric codes have gained steady attention in the past decades due to their applications in a variety of areas, such as space-time codes, random network coding, and cryptography. Gabidulin codes are the most famous linear MRD codes, and the decoding of the Gabidulin codes have been extensively studied. Recently, many constructions of new MRD codes were proposed by characterizing roots of linearized polynomials. The first non-(generalized) Gabidulin MRD codes were introduced independently by Sheekey and by Otal and Ozbudak, wh ere the latter presented a particular case of the former. Sheekey defined the codes by adding an extra monomial to the polynomial representation of the original Gabidulin codes with certain restriction on its coefficient and called them the twisted Gabidulin (TG) codes. Subsequently, Sheeky’s idea was further developed and several new families of MRD codes were proposed in the literature.