Interweek 2019

The International Student Youth Forum “Interweek” is one of NSU’s oldest traditions. It began in the spring 1966 at the first “Mayevka”, the student lead symbol of international proletarian solidarity. By the end of the 1970s, Interweek had become a brand name event for NSU and one of the leading youth forums not only at NSU, but in the world.

Interweek is organized by the Center for Extracurricular Activities and Educational Work. Master classes, seminars, games, concerts, and sporting events will take place fr om April 25 to April 30. “International Arbat” is an integral part of Interweek where every spectator can become a participant! Interweek ends with the Mayevka rock concert.


  •  Tea ceremonies from around the world “April Tea” (April 25, 6 PM – 7PM, “House of Youth”, Stroiteley Avenue, 21)

The tea may be the same, but it is prepared differently. If you want to try tea with traditional sweets, come to April Tea and taste fragrant teas from around the world.

  •   International concert “Universe of Sounds: From Russia with Love” (April 25, 7 PM - 8:15 PM, “House of Youth”, Stroiteley Avenue, 21)

This grand concert will open the door to the world of Russian culture as the multinational Novosibirsk State Conservatory Orchestra plays hits from Russian classical music.

  •   Intellectual game "GeoQuiz" (April 26, 3PM – 6PM, STC, Pirogova St., 6)

Do you want to test your knowledge while having a good time? Come to GeoQuiz, a team game for the smart and savvy!

  •   “Interleague” presentation of national cultures (April 26, 29, 6 PM - 8 PM, 1 Pirogova St. Room 3107)

240 minutes of an unforgettable journey within the walls of your own university. You will have the opportunity to learn about the cultures of 16 countries and to see some very interesting things.

  •   “Intersushka” (April 27, 2 PM - 4.30 PM, 1 Pirogova St., inner courtyard)

A street photo exhibition that anyone can participate in by showing their photos or walking away with a favorite photo. Come and have fun with the NSU Photo Club!

  •   Italian Party #italianosiberiano (April 27, 5 PM - 8 PM, STC, Pirogova St., 6)

The guests at the NSU Italian Center will take a fresh look at Italy and get rid of their stereotypes about this country while feeling like a real Italian for at least for one evening.

  •   “Contour Map” (April 28, 12.00 PM – 1:30 PM, Pirogova St., 1, room 3107)

“Contour Map” participants are invited to check their level of geographical knowledge by answering 20 geography questions in an hour. This year an English version of the test will be available to foreign participants. Come check your knowledge of geography!

  •    “Interparade” (April 28, 2 PM – 2:40 PM, NSU Main Building, Pirogova St., 2 - Campus)

A parade of NSU foreign students, student associations, and sports teams from different Novosibirsk City universities.

  •   International Arbat (April 28, 3 PM - 6 PM, Campus)

This tent city of different nationalities is a chance to get acquainted with the culture of various countries by taking part in master classes and trying national dishes.

  •   Sports Festival "InterGame-2019" (April 28, 3 PM – 6 PM, NSU Sports Complex territory and NSU Stadium)

InterGames is a great opportunity to get to know the cultures of countries in the world through games and sports! Put together a team or come to participate in individual competitions! National sports games for children and adults will be conducted. A good mood and a wonderful day are guaranteed!

  •   National Cultures Concert (April 28, 6 PM - 7.30 PM, stage in front of the new NSU Sports Complex)

This big concert brings together on one stage dancers and vocal-acoustic performers of various styles and genres. At the end of the event, there is a fire show.

  •   "Dances of the World" Marathon (April 29-30, during class breaks, Second Floor of Block 2, Pirogova St., 1)

An exciting dance marathon with daily flash mobs during big breaks between classes. You can get acquainted with dances from different countries: Ireland, Argentina, Brazil, China, America, Spain.

  •   “EthnoParty” (April 30, 6 PM - 10 PM, STC, Pirogova St., 6)

A gathering of the NSU international student community. This is a cool inter-ethnic get-together wh ere everyone can say something about themselves and their nationality through modern street culture style. All who come will be treated to workshops, contests, dances, songs, and food. Come, we will light up the night together!

  •   “Mayevka” rock concert (May 1, 5 PM - 10 PM, in front of the NSU Main Building, Pirogova St., 2)