The XVth Congress of the Russian Entomological Society

Billions and billions of insects always are around us. They fly, jump, run, crawl, and swim. Their diversity staggers, their abundance will not be simply estimated, and, in the biosphere, their role is tremendous.

The XVth Congress of the Russian Entomological Society will be held in Novosibirsk, from July 31 until August 7, 2017. The Congress will join together both professionals studied different groups of insects and other arthropods and amateurs as some very important and impressive part of an entomological community. Traditionally such congresses are organized every five years. They usually attract scientists from Russia, the former USSR and other countries — from Japan to the USA and from the UK to South Africa. Two satellite events will be also organized as the part of the Congress: the 2d Eurasian Orthopterological Symposium and the Young Scientist School "Ecology and Parasitology of Insects: Basic and Applied Problems. Hot Points and Future of Modern Entomology".

All main issues of modern entomology — from taxonomy and phylogeny up to ecology and biogeography — will be discussed during the Congress. We also hope to discuss the problems of applied entomology, especially associated with pests and blood-sucking insects. About 700 attendees have been registered on the site of the Congress and about 450 abstracts have been submitted until the end of May.

The attendees will be able to visit some common landscapes of the Novosibirsk vicinities and the Siberian Zoological Museum at the Institute of Systematics and Ecology of Animals. The one-day scientific field trip to one of natural preserves of the Novosibirsk Region will also be organized.

Some general information about our Congress and the actual version of its Program you may find here