The Conference and School for young scientists “Photonics-2019”

The Conference and School for Young Scientists “Photonics-2019” is hosted by Novosibirsk State University and Rzhanov Institute of Semiconductor Physics SB RAS. The topics of “Photonics-2019” include modern problems of semiconductor photoelectronics, including detection of weak signals in ultraviolet, visible, far infrared and terahertz ranges of electromagnetic spectrum, problems of radiophotonics and innovative technologies. The representatives of leading Russian companies in semiconductor photoelectronics are among the members of the Programme Committee of the Conference.

Public lectures for students and young scientists will be organized on Wednesday, May 15 at 15:00, room 212 of the new building of NSU.

The topics of the lectures are:

“Design of modern telecommunication systems and advanced photonics systems” by R.Z. Ibragimov, “Modern technologies of radio” by V.I. Strunin.