NSU will hold All-Russian Academic Conference “Civil War in Eastern Russia (November 1917 - December 1922)”

The conference is dedicated to the 100th anniversary since the ending of the round of bloody hostilities between White and Red armies in the territory of Western Siberia. This event aims to improve the knowledge about the Civil War in the Eastern Russia, to consolidate the activities of scholars who study this topic in Volga region, Ural, Siberia and the Far East, to develop a research concept and approaches explaining interconnection of events and dynamics of the processes in different spheres of the Russian society, their results and long-term consequences.
More than 180 guests confirmed their participation in the conference, including about 100 visitors from different regions of Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Poland, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, and Japan.
The conference contains the plenary session and six panels: 1. Study of the Civil War in Russia: Results, Prospects, and Historical Sources 2. Authorities, Political Parties, and Public Organizations 3. Armed Forces and Hostilities in Eastern Russia 4. Society and Economy under the Pressure of Civil War 5. Geopolitical, Informational, and Ideological Space of Civil War 6. Human in the Civil War.
The best reports will be published in conference proceedings indexed in the RSCI database.

November 18, NSU (1 Pirogova st.) – Opening Ceremony and Plenary Session
November 19, Institute of History SB RAS (8 Nikolaeva st.) – Panels
November 20 (venue will be announced one month in advance of the conference) – Closing Ceremony and Presentation of the Conference Proceedings

TEL: +7 961 87 87 137
Contact person: Tatiana Morozova,
Ph.D., Secretary of the Conference Committee
Website: http://confs.iisoran.ru