Novosibirsk State University Higher College of Informatics Summer School open for applications

Novosibirsk State University Higher College of Informatics announced opening of applications to attend their Summer School of Programming and Informatics. During the 15 day program, high school students will learn programming languages ​​and create their own projects.

This year the school will celebrate its 42nd season and they are ready to accept up to 100 pupils from grades 4-11. The program will be interesting to anyone who enjoys programming and engineering design. “The research work experience the school provides will be especially useful for high school students planning to enter the NSU IT Department or the NSU Higher School of Informatics”, says Natalia Golkova, Director of the Programming and Informatics Summer School.

The teaching method is based around project development.  Throughout the 14  day of lessons, students learn programming in workshops at the Novosibirsk State University Higher College of Informatics. They will get acquainted with the basics of programming and create their own game in the languages of Pascal, C, Java or Python. If a student is interested in creating their own sites, he/she will have a chance to become familiar with the ideas and principles of digital communication, the basics of the HTML hypertext markup language, new HTML5 capabilities, and to create their own animation for web graphics in Photoshop.

A separate curriculum was developed for pupils in grades 4-5. They can create a game in Pascal or design and program their own robot on the EV3 module.
Classes are held at the College from Monday to Friday. A day includes two theoretical and three practical lessons. On the last day of school, all students present their projects.
The projects developed by the participants can be presented in research project contests at their schools or in their MNSK-2018 informatics courses.

The annual summer school will take place from July 2 to July 21

You can apply online by going to the Summer School page.