International Summer School "Nonlinear Photonics"

The Summer School was organized to increase the professional level of scientific research, widen the horizons for research, and attract young researchers, graduate students and upper level students to finding solutions for urgent problems in the field of nonlinear photonics. The subjects included in the Summer School curriculum cover a wide range of problems related to various aspects of nonlinear photonics, starting with fundamental scientific problems and ending with practical applications. The program is based on lectures from the world's scientists in the field of nonlinear photonics and new photonic technologies.

The lecturers at the summer school include scientists from universities in Europe, USA, Australia and New Zealand.

Summer School Staff:

  • Sergey Turitsyn, Professor, Director of the Astron Institute of Photonics Technologies, Head of the NSU Nonlinear Photonics Laboratory;

  • Dmitry Churkin, Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Vice-Rector for Scientific Research at NSU, Head of the NSU Wave Laser Laboratory;

  • Stefan Vabnitz, an internationally recognized expert in surface wave theory and specialist in nonlinear effects in fiber-optic communication systems.

If you want to join the Summer School, you must register before July 15, 2018. The participation fee is 10 000 rubles. Participants are provided with the option to stay at hotels in Akademgorodok: "Golden Valley" and "Park Wood Akademgorodok". It is also possible to stay in the NSU postgraduate dormitories. The cost to stay in a double room is 700 rubles per day per person. To book accommodation, send an e-mail to the School organizing committee with the subject heading "Reservation for accommodation" at