Contemporary problems of clinical psychology and personality psychology

The All-Russian Conference with international participation “Contemporary problems of clinical psychology and personality psychology” will take place on 14-15 September 2017, Novosibirsk, Russia. It’s organized by the Institute of medicine and Psychology of Novosibirsk State University.

In recent years the tendency for uniting of clinical psychology and personality psychology is particularly evident. Mutual interest of these two scientific areas has proven to be very successful and has given rise to numerous researches that led to some intriguing discoveries. The aim of the conference is to discuss contemporary problems of clinical psychology and personality psychology and to reflect perspectives and opportunities of their collaboration.

The main topics of the conference are:

  • Methodology and theory of clinical psychology.
  •  Modern problems of perinatal psychology.
  •  Psychodiagnostics in clinical psychology: traditions and perspectives.
  •  Contemporary researches in different areas of clinical psychology.
  •  The Dark side of personality: theoretical and experimental researches.
  •  Health and disease: contemporary approaches and criteria of norm and pathology.
  •  Social and cultural space and mental health of personality.
  •  Methodological problems of personality research.
  •  Personal and intellectual regulation of moral choice.
  •  Contemporary theoretical and empirical researches in different fields of personality psychology.
  •  Paths of integration of clinical psychology and personality psychology.
There will be the special section on the conference devoted to modern problems in the field of autism spectrum disorder studies. Among the invited guests are Prof. Dr. David Oppenheim and Anat Oppenheim, M .Sc. (University of Haifa, Israel). They specially research parent-child relations in families with children with atypical development, particularly the connection between attachment and autism and the possibilities of a clinical treatment for these children. They will present their research findings and report about their therapeutic work on the basis of clinical examples.