Invitation to foreign faculty teacher/researchers

NSU invites Professors and Teachers with research backgrounds at internationally respected non-Russian education and scientific organizations (including those in world rankings of universities and research organizations) to apply for teaching positions.

Requirements for applicants:  
  •  Hold a graduate academic degree;
  •  No less than three publications in scientific journals indexed in the Scopus database;
  •  Available to work at NSU for three or more months.
NSU will provide travel and accommodation for Professors/Teachers.
Compensation is based on the amount of time spent working in accordance with the terms of employment as specified in the employment contract.

We invite Professors/Teachers in the following subjects to apply: 
1. Mathematics and Mechanics
2. Computer and Information Sciences
3. Physics and Astronomy
4. Chemistry
5. Earth Sciences
6. Biological Sciences
7. Computer Science and Computer Engineering
8. Psychology
9. Economics and Management
10. Sociology and Social Work
11. Jurisprudence
12. Political Science and Regional Studies
13. Mass Media and Information and Library Studies
14. Linguistics and Literature
15. History and Archeology
16. Philosophy, Ethics and Religious Studies
17. Clinical Medicine


Natalia Zhivtsova, NSU Director for organizational Development and personnel Management

E-mail: Tel.: +7(383)363-43-83

Irina Elshanskaya, NSU Head of Personnel Recruitment and Orientation Department

E-mail: Tel.: +7(383) 363-42-15