NSU courses on "PushkinOnline"

The platform “PushkinOnline” was created to promote the Russian language and education in the World. MOOCs from Russia’s leading universities are among the instruments used to achieve this goal.

In 2014, the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation supported the development of NSU courses for launching on the platform “PushkinOnline”. Three courses were developed:

The life of all organisms on our planet – in their enormous diversity – are governed by the same laws. The molecular building blocks composing complex cell structures are similar in their composition and properties

The course is designed by the team of NSU professors at the Department of Humanities, and is based on the experience of teaching the classes on “Russian on Fridays”, which was held for several years before the “Total Dictation” event

The course is designed by the team of NSU professors and junior faculty members at the Archaeology and Ethnography Section at the Department of Humanities. The course traces the patterns of change in social life caused by the emerging and extending use of metal