NSU Volunteers congratulate Great Patriotic War Veterans

The New Year is a time of magic and gifts, as well as a time for congratulations and good wishes not only for family members and loved ones, but for everyone around us. Last weekend, NSU volunteers congratulated Great Patriotic War veterans on the upcoming New Year. In addition to talking to the veterans, they gave them gifts.

Ekaterina Averina, one of the volunteers, talked about the visit, “This is not the first time I have met with Varlen Lvovich. Just like the last time he was very sociable! He told us stories, shared his opinion about current events, and thanked us saying that God willing he will be giving a Victory Day lecture at the University on May 9”.

The volunteer action started on December 9 and will last until the New Year. If you want to participate, you just need to write to the organizers and give them the time and day you are available. You can go with friends or volunteers will help you find a group to join.

Volunteer Sophia Burdukovskaya talked about the veteran she visited, “Anatoly Porfirievich is a wonderful grandfather! It was interesting to talk with him and he thanked everyone for their time”.

Volunteer Lyaysan Nizamova gave his impressions about the meeting with Lvovich,

This was the first time I met with veterans like this, I loved it! They were wonderful. I sat with my mouth and eyes wide open as Varlen Lvovich told us stories. I vaguely remembering hearing stories about the war during my childhood. The way he talked about it was as if it was yesterday. It was fascinating. He remembers everything down to the smallest detail.

Reference: NSU Volunteers is a public university group of young people who care about the world and want to do good. Volunteering will help you expand your horizons, learn about new things and meet interesting people, participate in major events at the federal, interregional and international levels, form positive life values, and gain important life experience that is necessary for any career.