NSU Laser Scientists Article in Leading Journal’s Top 3

 Boris Nyushkov, Sergey Kobtsev and Arkady Yakovlev, scientists at the NSU Laser Physics and Innovation Technologies Division (LPITD), and their colleagues at the Institute of Laser Physics SB RAS published an article in the English IOP Publishing house’s leading journal “Laser Physics Letters”. Their article was in the Journal’s Top 3 in the “Fiber Optics and Fiber Lasers”category in 2017.

The article presents the results of the development and research of a new fiber laser based on the authors’ original resonator topology. The laser developed by the team has a unique combination of important properties including the ability for a smooth adjustment of the ultrashort pulse repetition frequency, the ability to smooth tune the radiation wavelength in a wide range, high generation efficiency and high stability of the pulse parameters including those with external disturbances. Their project, “Development of the Physical Foundations of Short-Pulse Fiber Sources of Radiation with Resonators Based on New Topologies”, was supported by a Russian Scientific Foundation grant. Dr. Sergey Kobtsev headed the grant project. Last year, the article was named “Laser Physics Letters” article of the week.

The work being conducted on fiber optics and fiber lasers at NSU’s LPITD represents the highest international level. Evidence of this comes in the regular publications in high-ranking scientific journals, as well as presentations at the world's largest conferences on photonics. These conferences include: Photonics West 2018; Photonics Asia 2018; Photonics West 2019.

The NSU Laser Physics and Innovation Technologies Division is a world leader in the development and research of short-pulse fiber lasers with record-high radiation characteristics.