NSU Introduces New Physics English Language Master's Program

NSU’s new English language Master's Program, “Quantum Technologies and Nanoscience”, is designed for those who want to pursue scientific challenges at the forefront of modern physics. The competitive advantage of the Program is student’s ability to conduct research using unique experimental facilities.

Today, the largest IT companies create quantum processors. Researchers have confirmed quantum superiority, the creation of artificial quantum systems whose work cannot be replicated on ordinary computers. In Russia, the creation of quantum processors is conducted under the auspices of Rosatom. Modern experimental quantum physics requires the most advanced scientific equipment, but thanks to cloud access to quantum processors, it is possible for students to conduct experiments using the most complex equipment.

The "Quantum Technologies and Nanoscience" Master's Program is based at the Novosibirsk Scientific Center. The Center’s research groups are widely recognized internationally andhave links to leading foreign scientific centers.

Ilya Beterov, Head of the Master’s Program provided more details,

Our Master's Program is focused on the element base of quantum computing. We recently demonstrated two individually controllable qubits from separate atoms NSU students, both Russian and foreign, made a great contribution to this work. The development of quantum technologies should become one of the development priorities in Novosibirsk Akademgorodok because there is a unique experimental base and highly qualified researchers. As part of the Master's Program, students will get practical experience in research groups that allow them to work with quantum technologies and develop related topics, primarily in the field of optics and condensed matter physics. We expect that the graduates of this Program will be able to continue their studies in graduate school and go on to successful scientific careers in Novosibirsk and beyond. The prospects for the future are demonstrated by the fact that interest in quantum technologies in the world is growing at a rapid rate. China is now making serious claims for world leadership. Our students are co-authors of international scientific publications and gain valuable experience working on the most interesting problems in modern physics.

Admission to the Quantum Technologies and Nanoscience Master's Program requires an interview. The language of instruction is English. The term of study is 2 years.