NSU Hosts Bilateral International Symposium on Mathematics and Mechanics

On September 13, a bilateral international Symposium on mathematics and mechanics was held at Novosibirsk State University. The event brought together scientists from the Northwestern Polytechnical University in China and the NSU Mechanics and Mathematics Department.

The goal of the Symposium was to strengthen cooperation between the mathematical communities at both universities. In August of this year, NSU hosted the “NSU Summer School on Artificial Intelligence” and the Chinese students participating included students from the Northwestern Polytechnical University. The NSU Mechanics and Mathematics (MMD) and Education Export Departments organized the Symposium to support the continuation of collaboration between the two universities.

Representing the Northwestern Polytechnical University were Deputy Dean Du Ling, Assistant Dean Liu Xiaogang, and Professor Wang Liang. They discussed their research in pure mathematics, applied probability, and algebraic graph theory in dynamical systems and stochastic modeling.

Scientists from NSU MMD presented research in the field of pure and computational mathematics as well as artificial intelligence. The Dean of the Department, Igor Marchuk and the Dean of the School of Mathematics and Statistics, Nie Yunfen delivered welcoming speeches to the guests. Academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences Professor Sergei Goncharov, Corresponding Member of the Russian Academy of Sciences Professor Sergei Kabanikhin, Associate Professors Pavel Emelyanov and Evgeniy Pavlovsky, as well as other MMD scientists presented their research.

Pavlovsky, Head of the NSU Laboratory of Streaming Data Analytics and Machine Learning talked about the developing partnership,

Building business relations in the scientific and educational spheres between NSU and Chinese universities is very promising. Such substantive cooperation, in which we discuss specific problems in mathematics, can have a fruitful effect on the further strengthening of our joint research. At the Symposium, an agreement was almost reached on a double degree program and the issue of a double degree was discussed. NSU is conducting a Master's Program “Artificial Intelligence and Big Data Analysis” in English. If an agreement is reached, students from the Northwestern Polytechnical University will study at our Department for two years before completing their degree at their University. We are in the final stage of negotiations.

Mutual interest between representatives of both universities is also evident in the field of solving inverse problems. In particular, this concerns the problem of identifying mathematical models, the possibility of using explainable artificial intelligence models, the use of machine learning for modeling various mechanics problems, issues of applied probability theory, and proofs of theorems in algebraic graph theory.