NSU and “Lectorium” Launch Course on How to Produce an Online Course

“MOOC: How to make a MOOC?” is for anyone who wants to learn how to produce an online course or who is already creating them but wants to improve their process.

Coursera is the largest international online learning platform. More than 35 million students fr om all over the world are registered on the platform and over two million of them speak Russian. Coursera offers courses from 173 leading universities and companies around the world. Novosibirsk State University announced its first courses in the field of natural and life sciences on Coursera in the fall of 2015.

NSU developed this most recent course with the company “Lectorium”, the largest MOOC producer in Russia, as well as one of the leading Russian MOOC platforms. It consists of five modules beginning with a review of trends in online learning in Russia and the world. The course goes on to describe the main steps for producing an online course from concept to launch on a MOOC platform, as well as its maintenance. The fourth module, “How to Cook a MOOC at Home”, was developed by the NSU team and describes the production of online courses by University teams.

Olga Echevskaya, Head of the NSU Distance Learning Department described this latest course,

This course presents all stages of on-line course production, from concept to launching and tracking the course on the platform. The NSU team describes in detail their work and their process for producing University videos. Topics covered include: how to choose a topic and a teacher; how to work with teachers and use their personal style as an advantage in presenting the material; how to shoot video lectures; how to structure the material; how to guarantee copyright compliance; and typical mistakes at different stages of production and how to avoid them. In addition, the course has a forum wh ere employees of NSU and Lectorium can answer participant questions. The NSU course production team and employees at the Distance Learning and Video Production Departments, including administrators, directors, operators, designers, and editors, participated in filming the course. That means the entire NSU "kitchen" for online course production is presented first-hand.

Courses created by Novosibirsk State University have been laureates and winners of All-Russian contests numerous times. The course “GMO: Technologies for their Creation and Application” won the “Best Practice Creating a MOOC” at the EdCrunch-2017 competition. Trailers for this course, as well as for the courses on "Fundamentals of Virology" and "Precious Stones: Diagnosis and Expertise", took 2nd and 3rd places at EdCrunch-2016.

The course “MOOC: How to make a MOOC?” is in English, so it will be equally useful for both Russian and international audiences.

The first classes began on February 27, but you can register for the course “MOOC: How to Make a MOOC?” right now. To join, you need to register at the link. Access to course materials is free.

Tens of thousands of people have successfully taken the 16 NSU courses that are currently available on Coursera. These include an online course on parenting launched by the University and the children's charity foundation "Sunny City" and a course on Data Analysis created with the 2GIS company.