An NSU student has developed a system for recognizing a person by eye movements

A student at the NSU Specialized Educational Scientific Center (SESC) and graduate of the SESC Distance Learning Program, Neola Lisitsyna, presented her work at the All-Russian professional navigation forum «Projector» that was held in Yaroslav. The device Neola created will make it possible to verify a person’s identity by the micromotion of their eyes.

This 16-year-old schoolgirl developed a biometric security system based on micromotion of the eyes. The product whose working name is NEMT, is a camera that records eye movements and software for processing the data. The product is based on studies in the field of oculography that found a person's personality can be established by the frequency and rhythm of the saccadic movements of the eyes. Neola studied the work of the eyetracker, a device that can track the movement of the pupil and determine the trajectory of the eye’s movement. She also took into account a number of psycho-physical characteristics of man. According to Neola, she wanted to come up with something innovative and that lead to the idea of a biometric security system.

According to Neola, the new device can be used in the same way as biometric security systems we are already familiar with: fingerprint scanners, retina of the eye, etc. Such a security system can work on smart phones in places where access control is important. It is also possible to use it at ATMs to verify a person. This will help use bank cards without a password which can be stolen or hacked. 

– The fact is that all existing security systems are very expensive and at the same time not always reliable, they can be hacked. What I propose is an alternative to existing biometric security systems, – said the schoolgirl.

The entire development process took Neola about 1.5 months. All the work was done at home in Abakan. She submitted her project to the qualifying stage of the All-Russian competition «Engineers of the Future», won and thanks to this was invited to the Forum in Yaroslavl. 

The main thing the Forum gave me was a chance to meet the right people, and certainly the experience of speaking and presenting to a large audience, – she reported. 

In addition, Neola received a certificate to support the project from the development stage to the market. Further work on the project will be related to the study of the frequency of saccade eye movements, then an MVP will be made (minimum workable product). After this, the product can be put on the market. Now a tenth-grade student, Neola Lisitsyna is continuing her studies at the NSU SESC. Previously, she studied at the SESC Distance Learning Program and was invited to their summer school after her Forum results and successfully passed the final examinations. Neola is convinced that she will be able to find much more educational resources here than in Khakassia, and says that she is interested in practically everything from literature to physics.